Saturday, July 10, 2010

Your grasp of the English language is lacking...

We talked about values, ethics, religion, and legacy. The interesting thing that rises above the conversation is the wasted breath that cared about none of the prior... for simply a feminine voice should rest near his. All of your education and wasted monetary interest is stripped for your wants. Lonely you sleep, for the couch is your bedmate. To fall head long would be wishful thinking of you. A chime interupts. Momentarily. A smart decision. I have beauty, personified, at my fingertips. I should be content. I am content. Convince me of otherwise.

Police. Police.

Black. White. Black. White. Modern Orange.

The law enforcement was here to perceive both parties. You're welcome; I'm a convincing conversationalist.

Unfortunately, my regret is showing my hand; full, meaningful, scooters, vacation, fall e.g.

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KP said...

Nice to see you writing again... Perhaps it will become a common occurrence?