Friday, February 13, 2009

Foreclosures: Buy responsibility at a low low price!

It's been a while since I've utilized this little space, but something caught me a little off guard this morning.

While driving back to my house from breakfast with my father, I noticed a beat up jeep in front of me. There was a mid to late twenty year old female driving, and she had some seriously long hair about her. The jeep itself was covered on the rear with many bumper stickers. One said.. "nObama."

I had a little chuckle.

The next one I saw was "Endless War" with the "less" crossed out and replaced to look like "End This War."And I thinks to myself, "Self, take a look at this girl. What's the deal?"

I can tell she's dealt with so much hardship and sacrifice in her life just by looking at her. Please, go pay six dollars for your coffee, and let the people who give a shit about what's really going on make the difference.

I don't have much money, I'm young, and I've been through a divorce. What's that matter? I've still managed to get a couple loans even in this depression/recession. I've still managed to keep a good credit score. How? Because I'm responsible for myself. I don't spend money I don't plan on repaying in a timely fashion.

Try being responsible for yourself first, and then when you've got that handled - then you can blame the government and Bush/Obama. Until then, enjoy the bed you've made. I don't feel sorry for you. I feel sorry that the government has to make a bailout to save the irresponsibility. It's really easy to point to the big corporations, and then blame them for the burdens plaguing the economy. But guess what, the government isn't just saving those corporations from their mistakes. It saves you. All the jobs lost in major corporations collapsing would flood the market with unemployment.

Indirectly, directly - it doesn't matter. You'll be adversely affected. You should be glad they are making the plans to save us from this fall.

Go ahead, cast the first stone. I hear glass houses are cheaper than brick this time of depression.

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